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Introverts and social events in the workplace

Before we get into discussing introverts and social events in the workplace, I wanted to say that I am blessed to be here, safe, and healthy. I wish the same for my readers. 2020 was a hell of a year, and while things have improved somewhat, the pandemic is still a very real thing that we’re still juggling. Not everyone took up yoga, learned a new language or baked new recipes since the pandemic started, and that’s okay.

My last post here was literally right before the pandemic kicked in full swing and all of NY went on lockdown. My social media presence and writing pretty much stopped as a result. It was what I needed at the time, and I encourage everyone to also take time to do what’s best for you and yours. This pandemic is still not over regardless of all the “back to normalcy” things happening, and so it’s okay to focus on self care. 🌻 This post is also my way of practicing self care.

Now that I’m finally here to write though, I thought there was no better way to start than with a mental health post. I want to talk about introverts and social events in the workplace. It’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart. This perspective still feels taboo to share because it doesn’t currently fit the mold of most workplaces in a positive light. However, workplaces have shifted, and are becoming more flexible as well as open-minded. It seemed like the right time to bring up the topic.

(Note: This is a very long post. It’s over a decade’s worth of feelings that are finally out in the world, hence the mini-novel. But I understand if you want to skip straight to the point. You can read my bulleted summary under “How Can WorkPlaces Improve Social Events for Introverts?“)

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The Feeling of Passion in Web Development

Are you a web developer who doesn’t write code outside of work hours? One of those web developers who don’t have an active Github account and loads of side projects? Have you ever felt less valuable than other developers due to not staying after hours or weekends for your job? Less valuable because you haven’t tried all the latest and greatest frameworks/languages?

And finally, have you ever been told or made to feel that you “lack passion” due to the above mentioned points? Then this post is for you. Let’s chat about the feeling of passion in web development.


Putting Myself First & Giving Back: A Look Back on 2015

I know it’s the last day of 2015, and new content has been less frequent than usual. However, I wanted to take time this morning to write as so much has happened throughout 2015. 2015 was a year of changes, for this blog, RachieVee, personally and professionally. It’s pretty amazing to see how far I’ve come and  I’m looking forward to what the new year brings.


The Adventures of Dream Seeking

I originally titled this as, “The adventures of job seeking”, but ended up replacing the word “job” with “dream” instead. I’m dream seeking. Not too long ago, I wrote this on Twitter:

You see, about 3 weeks ago I found myself confronted with a new challenge. What challenge is this? Being unemployed. There. I said it.

Now, “unemployed” is a scary word. I felt it was about time I share some thoughts about the topic. Why? Because I’m sure that I’m not the first or the last developer that will find themselves in this position in their lives. For those that have been fortunate enough to not be in this position before, if I can share some tips to help someone out before they’re ever in my place, then I want to do that. I’ve run into some obstacles and discoveries along the way, and here are some of the lessons I’ve learned so far.

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