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Month: August 2014

Design School for Developers–webdesign-13793 A series of articles aimed to expose web developers to the design process, starting from planning a project, building wireframes and color theory, to…

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The Origins of the Use of [x] in UI Design An interesting investigation as to the origins of the “x” symbol in today’s user interfaces…

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5 WordPress Tools and Boilerplates to Make your Development Process Faster

If there’s one thing I learned in the web development field, it’s that time is money. There are budgets to be faithful to, deadlines to aim for, and when you’re a developer who wants nothing more than to have the most beautiful and efficient code ever – sometimes those things can come at odds.

So what do you do? Do what you humanly can. Write the cleanest most awesome code you can, but be mindful of doomsday the finish line. And try out these 5 WordPress tools and boilerplates!

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Hi there!

This is going to be my (hopefully) ongoing blog! About life, what inspires me, and most of all, WordPress. Looking forward to it.

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