WordPress Generated Classes and Why You Need Them

Reading Time: 6 mins

Ever hear of WordPress generated classes? Know where they are and what they do?

Odds are, if you are a past version of me, you might be removing them without realizing. You might also be underestimating why keeping them is important.

Whether you’re building a site with Sass, integrating a framework like Foundation 5, or building a custom theme from scratch, you will need these classes.

Why? Well, I’ll tell you. Current me has learned from past me. Okay – I’ll stop saying that because I’m confusing myself…

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Keeping Code out of the WordPress Text-Editor

One does not simply meme
Reading Time: 5 mins

I’m sure we’ve all seen this at least once. Maybe it’s the aftermath of a poorly estimated project charging right towards a deadline. Or perhaps it stems from a quick fix at eight in the evening from an overworked developer. It might even be the client’s attempt at re-gaining control of his own site no thanks to the suspiciously cheap development he paid for overseas.

Either way, it’s a bad idea no matter the reason. What am I talking about? I’m talking about HTML and inline styles in the WordPress text editor. Bad, bad, bad!

Feel guilty yet? No worries, I’ve been there. And learning from my own mistakes, I’d like to share a few reasons why this practice should be avoided. Then I’d like to offer some solutions to keeping code out of the WordPress text-editor and instead, leaving it where it’s safe within the theme templates.

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