Theming in WordPress without Sacrificing the Dashboard

A screenshot of the WordPress dashboard
Reading Time: 4 mins

When theming in WordPress, we often face this dilemma of how to balance writing custom code and maintaining a manageable dashboard. How much freedom is too much when we’re creating something for our users? And if we really do need all these bells and whistles, how do we ensure the dashboard still makes sense?

After working on a good number of WP builds and learning from mistakes over the years, there are a few rules that I’ve set for myself that help to resolve this dilemma along with a few plugins that make life a bit easier for both the dev and the user.

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How to Change Admin Labels in WordPress

Reading Time: 1 mins

This is a neat trick to know about. 🙂 How to change admin labels in WordPressblog.iamcreative. This can come in handy if you’re using the standards “posts” for something other than blog posts, such as Tutorials, Press, Recipes and so on. The trick will make the WordPress dashboard tailored for the site’s actual purpose without interfering too much with WordPress’ core functionality.

Also, as a tip, I discovered that I only wanted the labels to change on the dashboard and not on the front-end of the site. So I wrapped the function in a conditional is_admin(); so that the meta data on posts didn’t read something like “reciped on Tuesday, September 23rd” versus “posted on Tuesday, September 23rd”.