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Month: January 2015

Troubleshooting WordPress Like a Sniper

I decided reign in the new year with this post as a follow up from my last epically long blog post, How to Update WordPress Without All Hell Breaking Loose.

I’m sure my previous post might’ve been useful for those familiar with the WordPress directories and their innards, but what about those who aren’t? Browser cache? Config file? Browser console? What is all this dev lingo and how does any of this help the average joe with troubleshooting WordPress?

And so, I’m recycling some pieces from my last post so I can go over general steps for troubleshooting WordPress again in more depth. No geek speak, no dev lingo, just learning how to troubleshoot like a true marksman! Hopefully by the time we’re done, you’ll come out of this post feeling less like a blind troubleshooter and more like a sniper who hits the mark every time. Let’s get started…

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